dreadlocks services  in Seattle, WA

Thinking about dreadlocks?

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Have you been thinking about dreadlocks lately? Are you ready to dreadlock your hair? We think you're ready too! Dreadlock services is not a quick process for your hair. Dreadlocks will take you on a journey that is well worth the time put into them.

Newly, at Yadi's African Hair Braiding we are happy to be offering dreadlock styles for our clients in Seattle, WA! Yadi has been styling hair for the last 30 years, and keeps improving over time. Yadi will walk you through the dreadlock process with ease, and will answer all of your questions that you may have!

Benefits of Dreading Your Hair:

  • Protective hairstyle- less damages from outside sources (weather, styling tools, etc.)
  • Prompts faster hair growth- hair proves to grow faster with dreadlocks
  • Easy to maintain- not as much daily upkeep as other styles
  • And fashionable!

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